Who we are

Why may be a better question. Why did the five of us decide to combine our time and talents over endless cups of coffee, dizzy from marker fumes during those endless white board sessions…. Why?

Because we’re worried. Worried that young people aren’t going to church, and baptismal numbers are declining and people are feeling disconnected.

And we’re hopeful. Hopeful that we can make a difference. Hopeful that there’s room for prayer in the sending of an image. Hopeful that ***

So…. we’re a little worried. But we’re way more hopeful. And that’s a good thing.

And if you’ve just had a baby, you’re worried and hopeful to. And we’re right here with you.

Having a baby is the most hope-filled thing a young couple can do. We know that we can’t help with midnight feedings or college savings accounts, but we can help remind you that you are part of a larger community of faithful. That (re)engaging with your faith as you navigate the long nights and great joys of parenting is a good thing. That prayers are answered. That you are loved. And you need to know that.

APPostolic is the parent non profit that has launched Created in Your Image as a tool to help you with the faith-filled part of this amazing, exhausting, thrilling journey of parenting.

We’re a bunch of high energy, creative thinkers, who rarely take no for an answer, count our blessings and say our prayers:

  • Fr. John Belmonte, S.J., President
  • Annie Krug, Vice President and Mother, Superior Ideas
  • Jack Moore, Treasurer and Chief Agility Officer (that’s really a thing)
  • Claire Gregoire, Secretary and Visionary
  • Barry Druhan, Technology Director

We’re all Catholic. We’ve all been there. We have struggled, stumbled, wondered and prevailed. We know what the journey of faith looks like and we’re all on it together, with you. We have a decent sense of humor and a desire to do good in the world. And we are confident that when two or more are gathered there is love and usually wine.